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Monday, February 9, 2015

Love and History Collide in the Assurance of Liberty

Colombia is a lot more than cartels and cocaine. In my Belle of Colombia Series, I allow readers to connect to the thoughts, feelings and desires of two young people caught in the midst of Spanish control and a desire to be free as history and romance collide. The fight for Colombia's independence is paralleled by the love and dream shared by Maribel and Santiago.

In Book One, The Birth of a Dream, the two meet as Santiago is leading a group of youth out of Zipaquira, Maribel's hometown. The fight for independence from Spain goes very badly. Maribel and Santiago feel the pain of the possibility that their dream of starting a home and a family will never come to be. Within the struggle for independence are internal struggles of the two lovers as hope is the only thing for them to grasp onto.

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In Book Two, The Desperation of Liberty, as Maribel and Santiago begin to build their home, the call for independence is still too strong for Santiago to ignore. Santiago rejoins the army in Venezuela and is part of a grueling 21 day march that crosses swamps, scorching plains and an icy alpine pass that threatens to wipe them out. Maribel has her own struggles with a toddler and another on the way back home.

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Book Three, The Assurance of Liberty, places Santiago closer to home as he commands a unit of hunters in the mountains of Antioquia who are sent to drive out the remnants of the Spanish army. With all seeming to be coming together, a wicked man from her past shows up and threatens to destroy all that they've worked for. With Santiago away with the army, her only help comes from a man who had sacrificed his family and his home to fight for independence. Though he swore himself to live a peaceful life, he's forced to ride once more to save Maribel.

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Not a great deal unlike America's fight for independence, Colombia gained their independence on the backs of strong men and women who simply would not allow the shackles to continue to hold them back. Love, courage, freedom and endurance all come together in a saga describing the struggles of the human condition from a viewpoint that is rarely examined.