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Bil Howard is a professional storyteller and freelance writer who has written several of his own books and novels. He has ghostwritten more than 100 books and more than 500 articles, blog posts, short stories, and product reviews. Check out the published titles by Bil Howard in the left-hand column below.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I promise that I will eventually get settled into one place. The few of you that have been following me and trying to keep up will be able to rest and take a breather.

I have completely reorganized myself. I've simplified my emails from 5 to just two. I've become more focused and am working toward marketing myself and my books better. Let me explain my new stream lining efforts:

My Landing Page or Home Page
You're on it! I'm going to keep this simple.
• Recent News on my books.
• Links for where to read excerpts.
• Links to purchase my books.

My Blog
I Swallowed a Bookworm... And Choked On His Glasses
This is my rant page. Not really. My blog is about reading and literacy. You can follow the link above or click on the Bull's Head at the right of the page. (You understand the implication, right?)
On it you will find:
• Book Reviews
• Commentaries about literacy and language development
• Commentaries about the necessity of reading
• Resources for helping others to learn to read
• Resources for language development (English and Spanish)

Sales Pages
These are the pages where you can purchase my books
The Belle of Colombia Series
The Wolf of the Highlands
• Additional Works as they are released

Personal Information
Any personal information about me will be found in the only social media sites that I still subscribe to they are listed in order of importance to me, that tells you how best to connect with me:
Google Plus
Linked In
Good Reads
Library Thing
• If you can't live without connecting with me on Facebook, I have a page for Bella Colombiana Publishing there.

I only have two locations where I chat live. I can schedule others, but for unscheduled chats I will use only these two:
• Skype - bil.howard
• Google Talk - or

Photos and Videos
Photos and Videos will be handled through these two outlets:
Bil Howard Channel

I would prefer that you use the for business related matters.

I will keep this list up to date, so you can always find it in the archives of this page. It will always be the last one listed.