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Bil Howard is a professional storyteller and freelance writer who has written several of his own books and novels. He has ghostwritten more than 100 books and more than 500 articles, blog posts, short stories, and product reviews. Check out the published titles by Bil Howard in the left-hand column below.

Our Holy Lamb

With persecution of Christians increasing, our temptation is to become frustrated and to kick against the goads. Our true answer is to look toward Our Holy Lamb.

In Our Holy Lamb, the preeminent power of Jesus as the Worthy Lamb of God is displayed in both written words and illustrations. Its purpose is to motivate Christians toward fearlessly advancing forward behind the Holy Lamb of God, without looking behind them, to the left or to the right, as we march.

Our Holy Lamb also makes use of the lives of seven of the Holy Lamb’s great warriors as examples of how, by putting their trust in the Lord, they were able to do great things and overcome great obstacles.

Sharpen your focus on following the lead of the one who will shepherd His people to living fountains; the Holy Lamb of God.

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