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Bil Howard is a professional storyteller and freelance writer who has written several of his own books and novels. He has ghostwritten more than 100 books and more than 500 articles, blog posts, short stories, and product reviews. Check out the published titles by Bil Howard in the left-hand column below.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Reviewed By Suzanne Cowles for Readers’ Favorite
MacGregor's Wolf: Lessons of Time by Bil Howard is an amazing journey through fascinating periods in history where the main character, Ray Barrett, accompanied by a wolf, experiences strange lands and time travel. There is intense action where vivid dreams and reality collide. At the beginning of the story, Ray rides a horse through the beautiful mountains in the typical silent cowboy way. You can feel the earthiness, solitude and slow pace. Then at camp things drastically change. The rest of the 24 chapters tell tales of Scotland, Montana, Columbia, Egypt, Greece, the Mediterranean Sea, warring clans, Indian attacks, Christian crusades, Spartans, Israeli jets, King Richard, ghouls, Russians and Germans, the Golden Gate Bridge and a black horse with a demonic voice. To say there is a lot going on is an understatement.
It is clear to see that Bil Howard’s love of historical fiction and the wide outdoors is evident in his writing style. Each lyrical step and detailed adventure of Ray is chronicled in a well-composed plot, which attests to the abilities of the author. You will want to follow each moment of Ray’s confusion as he tries to piece together the facts with the help of a spirit companion. The dimensions fold and twist in each page-turning vision of literary excellence. MacGregor's Wolf: Lessons of Time by Bil Howard packs mystery and thrills with interesting periods of history in a spell-binding ride to the depths of time. Follow along and you will feel as if you have travelled the world and back.