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Bil Howard is a professional storyteller and freelance writer who has written several of his own books and novels. He has ghostwritten more than 100 books and more than 500 articles, blog posts, short stories, and product reviews. Check out the published titles by Bil Howard in the left-hand column below.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


With the release of my first book "The Wolf of the Highlands", published by Senserial Publishing, I started on a journey that has been over thirty years in the making. Not long after "The Wolf of the Highlands was in publication, I released "Zipaquirá, the first in "The Belle of Colombia Series" in both English and Spanish. My next release in the series is "Rionegro" which is due out in January of 2014. You can purchase "Zipaquirá" and "The Wolf of the Highlands" now

A very wise professor of English Literature and Grammar at West Texas State University once told me how "reading is an opportunity to have a conversation with the author that transcends space and time." She always referred to authors as a friend. "I want you to have a conversation with my friend, Willa Cather," she might say. From her I learned my love of literature. She taught me even more, however, she taught me how to write. Though I was struggling to find my voice at the time, I can still remember the far away look that she would get in her eyes as she read something I had written and then said, "Ooooohhhh, that's gooooood!" Ms. Collins, Thank you.

Now that I've found my voice, I just need to draw your attention. So, please, sit down with me and let's have a conversation. I've got some Colombian coffee on and my imagination is always wandering.

I am a novelist and English teacher originally from Powderhorn, Colorado, now living in San Antonio de Prado (Medellin), Colombia. My works include: The Wolf of the Highlands published by Senserial Publishing, Zipaquirá and Rionegro published by Bella Colombiana Publishing. Chorros Blancos is following along behind very soon.

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