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Saturday, January 3, 2015


DUE TO PRINTING AND SHIPPING TIMES... Paperback editions of Whispers of Sage is available now. If you're old school and still like to hold the actual book in your hands, then you can order your editions now. Understand, of course, that printing costs are a lot higher in our digital age and I'm offering it at the lowest possible price.

Order Paperback Edition Here!!!

A Contemporary Western Romance Novel. 

When Katherine’s fiancé, Sean, was transferred from Pittsburg to Scottsdale, Arizona, their wedding plans were put on hold. Katherine, who was not known to do anything alone or without someone on the other end of her cell phone, decided to quit her job, pack their things and surprise Sean by driving cross-country by herself. Not particularly adept at navigation, her car breaks down it the most unlikely of places; what passes for a road in the mountains of Colorado. 

Rescued by Ethan, a cowboy and horseman whose summer place is less than a mile from where she is stranded, Katherine is shocked by the dichotomy of his backward lifestyle that is mixed with a simple, yet profound intelligence. However, it is his skill with horses, the way that he can see straight into her soul and his gentle touch that send her into a tailspin. 

Though she is beginning to forget Sean, Ethan won’t allow her to stay as long as she has the ring on her finger. With a promise to keep, Katherine continues her journey to Scottsdale, but is never able to shake the deep change that had began within her and she discovers that the wind rushing through her hair, the smell of the pine, the whispers of the sage and the feel of a horse underneath her have changed her entire outlook. 

Will the whisper of the sage draw her back to the only man who has truly loved her?

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